Intro to Cosmosis (realease date….soon)


The evolution of most manuscripts, I suspect, is as unique and complex as the life path of the soul that scrawled the words…and this project is no exception. To sum up in a word the journey that brought Cosmosis to publication, that word would be tumultuous. But worry not, won’t be torturing you with details here. In my view, to do so would be tantamount to waterboarding with words. So by policy this intro will be—succinct.

Besides, and more to the point, it ain’t about me, it’s about the story. (Or stories in this case). Just as there’s no I in team, there’s no me in story. And let’s all hope and pray upon the stars above that there never will be.

As means of an overview of what to expect in the coming pages, an analogy might serve best. Think old school drive-in, at least in terms of format. A sci-fi double feature, replete with preview and even a cartoon. For logistics, I’ve reworked the order a bit, sending the preview to the end instead of the open (I mean they call it a trailer, don’t they?)

Two novellas—War Torn and Bad Trip—will lead the evening, set the mood. The double bill will be followed by White Light, a preview to the next novel (at least based on current propulsions). And rounding out the gala, serving as bonus cartoon—General Maps.

General Maps is a sliver of fiction written a while back for the “Ruckus” writing contest. An annual flash fiction event sponsored by some of the keen and able rascals over on the Craigslist Literary Forum every September. In attempt to keep it fresh, the Ruckus guidelines shift every year. The prompt for this particular affair was to write a story about an “ambiguous hero.” Who knows what the call will be next go round. Stop by and check it out some time, maybe jump in and join the fun if the urge should emerge.

For now, however, grab your bag of popcorn, park it, adjust the volume on the nibbled alloy speaker, wrap yourself in an old blanket, and sit back and enjoy a Cosmosis night.


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