Word Fast

I’m doing a word fast. Yep, you read it correctly, a word fast. No speaking, no Facebook, no Twitter, no writing, nothing…not at least for the next 24 hours (maybe longer). A food fast is supposed to be rejuvenating for the body, My creativity over the past day and a half has been ailing, feel like I suffered some kind of “art attack.” Maybe this will help resuscitate my muse.

This is no joke, this is real…I am not talking, at all, there is nothing you can say or do or post to make me comment on this link or talk in any way. You can try if you’d like, but you’d be wasting your time. I can’t be bought, bribed or cajoled. I am utterly committed, can’t be swayed. You can ask my roommate. I am not talking. I have only communicated via hand signals with her. And she showed me something a little while ago that was REALLY entertaining, but I held my tongue. I am NOT going to break my vow of silence under any circumstances, not for at least 24 hours, no matter how hard you try and distract me…

You can send over a beautiful escort to see me, and I will not speak to her, or call to thank you (for at least 24 hours). Not even if she has a killer hourglass figure, raven hair, maybe about 5′ 4″, 5 ’5″ish, maybe a little ethic flavor thrown in for good measure,…nope, you’ll get nothing. Not a word, I wont even communicate with her….verbally.

You can send and amazon gift card or wire me $150 bucks or so to my Paypal account (thomasprycebooks@gmail.com) and I will not respond. No “thank you,” no nothing (not for at least 24 hours).

You can share this post on your Facebook timeline or Twitter, tell all your friends what a brilliant writer this Thomas Pryce is, even have them all storm over to the website, http://cenozoicpublishing.com/ Have them sign up in flash-mob droves and crash the server, and I will not be fazed, not be distracted from my quest. Nope, not a whit.

You can PM me pics of your boobs, but that will not distract me either, or get me to break my “word fast.”. I will not even respond. This is too important. It’s a scientific experiment, and must be seen thru.

A Lit. agent from the prestigious Donald Maass Agency can call me with a contract to rep my new book, Cosmosis, and I will not respond. Sorry Mr. Maass (or underling), busy right now, try again later.

You can send me concert tickets to Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Pearl Jam, or even some wild reunion tour like Led Zeppelin, and I will not respond. To do so would only blemish this experiment, an spoil my data.

So you can try all these things if you want, or some other crazy idea, be my guest, but I promise you this, I am committed to my objective, and will not respond to this feed for any reason whatsoever. Nope, I’m done! I’m going dark, off the grid, Monastic silent…starting riiiiiight…now!

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