Pre-Halloween Treat

Where am I…and why am I shaking?

I look around, mind unclear, nervous. I’m in some kind of box; small, rectangular panels, polished silver walls. I try to think through the fear. No help, I’m lost. I can’t remember anything, my thoughts interred in sludge. Stabbing pain, like microwaved needles searing my gut, my limbs, my brain. Panic radiates and my trembling surges, muscles turning unruly. I lean on the metal wall, scan the cube frantically, and question again…

…Where the hell am I?

I close my eyes, gentle my breath, trying to calm. I stare in the mirrored wall. A face shines back. Sunken and gray, the image is ugly, twisted, formaldehyde shriveled, yet vaguely familiar. My blood runs cold and I shiver madly, the reaction rising as much from seizure as the icy question the image incites. Is that me?

No. I close my eyes, shake my head. I’m strong, I’m healthy. I’m no monster! No! I reaffirm in my mind, opening my eyes, only to see the image following in chiral pantomime. NO! I scream as I realize…

…I don’t know who I am!

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